The Fall Of Joe Arpaio: The "Toughest Sheriff In America"

Sheriff Joe Arpaio receives the gavel of justice and may end up in the same jail that he turned into hell.

Many lawyers doubt that jail is their destiny. What do you think their punishment should be?

Racism and discrimination have been a bitter pill for Hispanics in the United States for several years. However, “after the storm comes the calm”, at least for the Latino community in Arizona.

Who is Joe Arpaio?

From 1992 until the beginning of this year, Joe Arpaio was the Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona.

During these years, his main objective, like that of all sheriffs, was to maintain order in his county.

Only, for him, the disorder came mainly from the Latino community. Therefore, he insisted on arresting Hispanics under the "crime" of having a skin color or accent different from his.

Strong Hand Against Hispanics

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For a decade, officers from the sheriff's office acted as immigration agents. So they deliberately detained everyone they considered to be illegal. In other words, all those who were not white skinned.

Official identification that shows that Homero is Mexican.

They were being held without any crime, other than being suspected of not having legal documents, while the Immigration Police (ICE) checked the data. Later, they were handed over to face the deportation process.

In addition to the above, Sheriff Arpaio also had an unorthodox method of punishment.

The City of Tents

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Known as the City of Tents, this place was a jail in which Sheriff Joe Arpaio kept undocumented inmates outdoors under extreme conditions and forced them to wear pink underwear.

The prisoners claim that the treatment was inhumane and that the animals had better living conditions than they did.

This outrageous situation came to an end, thankfully!

After nearly 25 years, current Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone will close this controversial jail for good.

What Was He Accused Of?

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Joe Arpaio was charged with contempt of court for failing to follow orders to suspend arbitrary arrests targeting immigrants, which were based on racism and discrimination.

In 2011, federal judge Judge G. Murray Snow first issued a temporary order, prohibiting Arpaio from detaining people based solely on their immigration status.

Mexican with a pink background saying no.

However, the "toughest sheriff in America", as he calls himself, refused and extended his patrols for many more years.

Finally, in early July 2017 the United States Department of Justice presented evidence to show that Arpaio intentionally disobeyed the orders imposed years ago by Snow.

The Final Verdict

Judge closes case with air mallet.

On July 31, Judge Susan Bolton gave the final verdict and was found guilty of disobeying the order to suspend the detention of immigrants, mainly of Hispanics. Arrests that, for the most part, had racism and discrimination as the main argument.

This naturally represented a victory for those who criticized the unusual way in which Sheriff Joe Arpaio enforced order in his county.

Will You Get Support From Trump?

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It is worth mentioning that Sheriff Joe Arpaio was an important support for Donald Trump during his candidacy. His actions are even part of what Trump promoted during his campaign.

So far, Trump has made no comment to free him from the sentence, which will be released on October 5, which could carry six months in prison.

It remains to be seen if Trump's racist influences dominate the case.

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