The 5 Funniest Pets of the Future

Animals of the future.

These will be the "Tamagotchis" of the future.

To the 90s who we remember with such nostalgia caring for the prehistoric Tamagotchi, chatting with the Furbys, and watching the robot dog do the ropes, I'm afraid to tell you that times have changed.


Now robotic animals promise to replace pets to be man's best friend and, if not, to serve him (how Machiavellian we humans are!).

SmartBird: Da Vinci's Robot

SmartBit robot from Festo.

Robot pets were born as a Japanese idea so that people could take care of an animal in a small space environment. Thus saving money on food and even on toys.

Then, in 2011, the company Festo introduced one of the most difficult robots to make in human history: SmartBird.

SmartBird was created to better understand bird flight and seek new uses for nature-inspired technology.


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In fact, this robot was based on designs by Da Vinci (the Herring Gull to be more specific). It can fly like birds, flapping its wings and using its tail to glide.

What was complicated about the design was that in order to simulate the flight of birds. Not only did a mechanism have to be created to give movement to the wings, but also a torsion mechanism to regulate the height. It also had to be designed to be light enough to support itself.

Applauding person.

This model would come to replace the tender parakeets that repeat everything we say. Of course, unlike real birds, we will no longer feel guilty about keeping this robotic pet at home.

Pleurobot: Bio - Robotics at the Service of Humanity


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Introduced in 2015 by Auke Ijspeert, the Pleurobot, was a curious design for neuroscience. It is a robot that imitates the movements of the salamander, in order to know the biological functioning of the body.

Walk like a salamander and swim like one. It was a difficult road to arrive at this design, but on the journey they discovered that the detail is in the column, it is the same column of the animal that allows the salamander to balance on the ground and speed in the water.


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It seemed that all the research work ended there. But they soon discovered that the robot could be quite useful in aquatic and terrestrial searches, for rescuers as well as for researchers. Just by adding a camera to the head, this robot that sought to unveil the secrets of nature, became the best weapon for water rescue.

Spot: The Messenger Robot Dog

Spot the robot dog.

As part of a project carried out by Boston Dynamics, Spot is a kind of giant robot dog in development. It weighs 73 kilos, works with electrical energy and, for its movements, it has a hydraulic system that helps it work. Spot has four legs and a robot arm with which it can grab things and carry them through difficult terrain. For that Boston Dynamics has subjected it to rigorous and very funny driving tests that are worth seeing.

Although it is easy to visualize him as a companion dog that obeys to bring a soda. In reality it is intended to serve in rescues or to carry objects to difficult-to-reach terrain.


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His first big test consisted of taking the courier to the workers of the company. Having to cross roads, climb stairs, go through potholes, etc. The result was 70% of effectiveness, so it is still improving.

Could it be that now we will become more fond of these machines? They say that robots have no soul. But the same was said before about dogs and other pets. Maybe it's a matter of perspective. Would you prefer a robotic animal to a real one?

Robotina from Los Supersonicos.

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