Not all brushes are the same. Use this mini guide to get a perfect result.

Makeup brushes are like a magic wand for any woman. Each has its own magic and a specific purpose. To know which one you should buy, you first have to know the function of each one.

7 Types of Makeup Brushes

Powder Brushes

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The powder brush is quite large and fluffy. The head should have a rounded shape to distribute the powder evenly over the cheeks. Remember that the key to perfect makeup is to always shake off excess powder.

In Natura you can find an excellent brush called the “Pro Compact Powder Brush” for about $ 15. If you want to see other options, just make sure the bristles are soft and won't come off the brush.

Shadow Brushes

It has medium bristles and a rounded tip. It will help the shadows to fix better on your skin. Choose a brush with soft bristles, as they will be in contact with a delicate part of your face, your eyes. Look for the one for "Large Shading Blush" at H&M, you can get it very cheap there, from $ 10.

Base Brushes

At H&M you can also find another beautiful makeup brush. Ask about the “Flat Foundation Blush”. This is the most important in a woman's kit. It has much more uniform bristles that allow you to apply a liquid foundation with a smooth finish.

Bronzer Brushes

One of a kind of makeup brush called duo fiber fan from MAC.

This brush is like a fan and helps you eliminate excesses. If you don't want to see yourself with a Derbez-style tan at Latin Lover, use this magic wand.

The best option is "Duo Fiber Fan", MAC. It's not that accessible, but it's perfect for a neat, cute finish. Its cost revolves around $ 25, depending on the country you are in.

Blush Brushes

The blush brush is the thickest and softest. Makes cheekbones look brighter and more alive. I recommend that you always use it in one direction, so you will have better results (if you move it in circles you can ruin it). Look for the one from Eco Tools called "Tapered Blush."

Concealer Brushes

Consider that the smaller this makeup brush, the more precision you will have when blending the concealer. The best during this 2017 is Laura Mercier's, called "Secret Camouflage". A little pricey, costing $ 30, but well worth it.

Contour Brushes

A type of makeup brush called the Natura Pro Contour Brush.

It has a flat tip and helps to fade contour lines. The joke is to blur and blur.

For cream makeup, use a brush with synthetic fibers. For powder makeup, opt for natural fibers. Look for it as "Pro Contour Brush" in Natura.

Lip Brushes

Its bristles are medium and firm, which allows a perfect outline. I recommend investing in a retractable one, so you can bring it in any bag without damaging it. You can find it in the MAC store, online, as 318 Lip Retractable. Is beautiful!

Protect Your Brushes With A Makeup Bag

Don't forget to invest in a makeup set or bag to store your brushes. Some are plastic and can break. So it is worth investing in a good leather case with divisions, because every brush is worth gold!

Finally, you can take tutorials to see how to use each type of brush and make combinations with different types of makeup. Your face will be the most beautiful canvas to paint!

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