¡Mujer De 30! Conoce Los Hábitos De Belleza Que Debes Seguir

Woman 30! Know The Beauty Habits You Should Follow

Take care of your skin at every stage of your life so that it always looks radiant. Don't miss out on these beauty tips!

You have reached 30, congratulations! Well, contrary to what many might think, this is a wonderful stage. However, as our age advances, our skin undergoes great changes. Therefore, it is essential to maintain rigorous skin care at each stage of life.

30-year-old women celebrate.

Women in their 30s experience a more noticeable change during this decade, due to the fact that cell renewal begins to decrease, the skin tissue becomes less elastic, sun spots and the first wrinkles appear, etc. But all of this can be less drastic with these beauty tips.

Rigorous Beauty Habits For Women In Their 30s

Woman with cream.

Established routine

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By now, you should already know which are the products that favor your skin type when applying makeup. But beyond the shadows, makeup and lipstick, what I mean by an established routine is that you should cleanse, tone and moisturize your face every day before applying any other beauty product.

Preferably, use products that contain a balanced pH and appropriate for your age and skin type. For example, hydroxyl acid cleaners are a great option as they speed up cell turnover.



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Consider that the sun's rays are so elusive that no matter if you are in the office, in the city or at the beach, you should always wear sunscreen!

It is the best product to prevent the aging of your face and avoid certain diseases.

Remember that UV rays are very harmful to the skin, so choose a broad spectrum factor with moisturizing properties for best results.

Night Treatment

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During the night you should repeat the same routine: remove make-up, cleanse and tone before sleeping. No matter how tired you feel, give your skin some time!

In addition, it is the ideal time to attack specific problems with the help of treatments.

For example, if you notice dark circles and wrinkles starting to show up, focus on a routine to target these signs. In this case, apply an eye cream that contains caffeine and retinol to treat inflammation and promote collagen production.

If sun spots are taking over your skin, then look for a lightening cream.

Monthly Masks

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Masks are ideal for skin care. Apply a mask once a month and, if possible, with natural and healthy ingredients. There are endless products that attack different skin problems and are very easy to prepare.

Hydrate and Eat Healthy

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The best way to take care of your skin is from within. So, drink enough water and opt for a balanced and varied diet. Eat foods rich in antioxidants to slow aging.

So… don't waste any more time, start these beauty and skincare tips!

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