Excelente Oportunidad De Trabajo En Phoenix

Excellent Job Opportunity In Phoenix

More money, less stress and the opportunity to grow to build a better future. Is there anything better?

Are you tired of stressful, temporary jobs, holding the same position for years, or doubling shifts and seeing that it does not pay your money? Forget all that! You can find a better job in Arizona today.

Upper Crust Bakery, the famous bakery company is interested in you being part of their family. Yes, family is how this company considers its workers. Isn't it charming and trustworthy? Therefore, it offers so many benefits and very good reasons to work there.

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Why Work At Upper Crust Bakery?

1. Safe Work, Even After Christmas

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The most expensive season of the year is approaching, with so many gifts to give and dinners to prepare. And there is nothing better than having a job stability and being sure of having a source of income, even after the Christmas season.

May the January slope not cost you! With Upper Crust Bakery you won't worry about losing your job and income after Christmas.

Do not forget to ask about the schedules, because they have so much flexibility that they have morning, afternoon and night shifts.

Interviews are from 9 am-3pm, click here to call and make an appointment: 602-255-0464

2. Opportunities to Grow

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The most important thing in a family is to encourage its members to get ahead. For this reason, Upper Crust Bakery offers its employees the opportunity to aspire to higher and higher positions within the company.

Unlike other companies, Upper Crust Bakery wants you to develop according to your skills and abilities. So your philosophy is to retain your employees and not dispose of them at the end of a season, isn't that great?

3. Extra Money

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In many companies the issue of "overtime" seems to be prohibited or not an option to increase your income. As a consequence, we are forced to look for a second or even third job.

However, Upper Crust Bakery understands perfectly that many times a fixed salary is not enough. So, they have no problem with you working overtime and, of course, getting paid for it.

This is an incredible incentive to contact them, don't you think? Total, you don't lose anything by asking!

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4. Different Positions

Upper Crust Bakery is known for its delicious variety of cakes and pastries. But beyond hiring members who have their hands in the dough, it offers positions of all kinds.

  • Workers For Bakery Production
  • Production Planner
  • Production Controller
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Industrial Operator
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Logistics (Buyer)
  • Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Accounting clerk
  • Production manager

Do you have experience in one of these positions? Would you like to experience a vacancy? Don't think about it, they are great opportunities that rarely appear in life.

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5. The Most Good Wave Environment

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A determining factor when working is that you can communicate with your colleagues to make work more enjoyable. At Upper Crust Bakery you will find Latin people who speak your language and, we cannot deny it, they are super cool!

To create pleasant environments, Latinos paint ourselves.

The Competition

They say that in love and war, anything goes! And in that competition, companies then play deceptively with employees.

Surely they offer you a very high salary, but the catch is that they only offer a temporary job.

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The Christmas season, in addition to being the most expensive and consuming, is the one with the highest production for many companies. For this reason, they hire staff left and right. They offer attractive salaries. They treat you in the best way. But, at the end of three months they say goodbye to you. This is how cruel they play with your feelings.

A man from a soap opera can't believe it.

So, don't be fooled! The best thing is to have something safe for more than three months and stable for the rest of your life.

Upper Crust Bakery wants to welcome you to their friendly Arizona family, so don't let them win you over.

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