Find and Hire Entry-Level Candidates With Our Job Post Service

Hiring qualified candidates and getting through resumes takes time and effort. Start hiring entry-level candidates through social media and print advertising.

✓ Find People With Relevant Work Experience

✓ Get 3X More Entry-Level Candidates

✓ Hire Candidates Faster

You haven’t found the right candidates because:

There’s too much paperwork.
The applicants’ hiring process takes too much time.
Too many no-shows.
Choosing the right candidate isn’t easy.

We Provide an Efficient and Detailed Follow-Up for Your Job Openings

So you focus on hiring the right candidate.

Here’s How It Works!

1. Landing For Your Job Post

We create an effective landing for your job post that details all the information candidates need to know.

2. Promote Your Job Opening

Your job opening will be promoted in social media channels, including Facebook employment groups, and it will have its own follow-up process.

3. Stay on The Loop

Receive phone calls or email notifications when candidates apply.

4. Hire

Contact the candidates you’re interested in. 

About Us

Más Vale Saber is a marketing and consulting agency that aims to educate, guide, and support people and businesses in marketing, sales, and operations to help them achieve their full potential.

Success Stories of Companies That Have Found More Candidates!

Go from not having the right person for your team

To hiring a qualified candidate that exceeds your expectations.