7 Essential Tips to Successfully Manage Remote Teams

Remote jobs existed even before the pandemic hit in 2019. Back then, there were tons of prejudice and myths about people that worked from home. For starters, some employees thought they would not like working like that. According to Slackonly 12% are saying that they would like to always work at the office and over half of all knowledge workers (72%) expressing a preference for a hybrid remote-office model. 

The truth is that managing remote teams needs tons of preparation and training. Managers need to train themselves and their team to achieve their goals. You’ll prove that you are well organized, productive, and responsible when it works. Working from home needs an extraordinary level of discipline and commitment. The same skill that you need to have in an in-person job.    

Ways to Improve the productivity of your remote team includes:  

  • Encouraging employees to take regular breaks. 
  • Offering remote work stipends to pay for home office setups. 
  • Setting SMART goals. 
  • Creating opportunities for your team to connect through social activities.  

Employee’s motivation will increase if you:   

  • Offer training on how to work from home effectively.  
  • Provide clear goals and a path for career development.  
  • Give positive feedback and recognition.  
  • Keep the lines of communication open.  

Follow these 7 tips to manage remote employees with success!  

1. Set immediate and clear expectations  

Make sure to tell your team what you expect from them. Be clear about when you want them to check in or how they should keep track of their time and progress. By letting your team know what you want from them upfront, you can make sure you’re synchronized. 

2. Document your communication strategy  

Let them know how inner communication works. How much time can they take in a call? What information does an email need to have? Provide details about timing and responsiveness. How soon you expect a response to an email during working hours.  

3. Engage as often as possible  

Don’t disappear. Make sure to have consistent interactions. Talk about your employee’s goals, expectations, and personal challenges. 

4. Schedule regular team meetings  

Encourage your employees to discuss projects and common interests. This will increase motivation and generate stronger bonds. They will feel more inclined to cooperate and communicate with each other on a regular basis.  

5. Be honest  

By making transparency a part of your team culture, it’s easier to build trust with all employees. It will ensure they feel comfortable coming to you with any questions or concerns.  

6. Have one-on-one conversations  

Get to know their hobbies, interests, and career aspirations. In fact, a 2018 poll found that employees who have friendships and personal connections at work are more engaged and motivated to do a great job. 

7. Don’t micromanage  

You need to be able to trust your employees. And recognize when someone is harming the team’s productivity. Try and measure their results and productivity. Don’t look at them through a magnifying glass every 60 seconds. This will harm your team culture and increase turnover.   

There you have it! 7 easy tips to follow to help you manage your remote team. Remember that anything is possible with the right time and preparation. Don’t forget to share and comment, so that we know where to help you and deliver more valuable content. Until next time!  

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