Más Vale Saber is a marketing and consulting agency that aims to eliminate the confusion and frustration of growing a business by educating, guiding, and supporting companies in key areas such as marketing, sales, operations and recruiting. 


To empower people to think big and build profitable businesses that power their goals, develop future leaders, and make positive contributions to the world.


To educate, guide and support people and businesses in marketing, sales, operations, recruiting and professional development to help them achieve their full potential.



Más Vale Saber
Segunda Mano Magazine

Proud Gonzaga University graduate, CEO of Segunda Mano Magazine, a Spanish publication that connects businesses with the Latino community and founder of Más Vale Saber, a full-service marketing agency that helps businesses execute marketing strategies that drive results through in-depth planning and strategy, persuasive copywriting, stunning creatives, effective marketing strategies and automation implementation to reduce operational costs and convert leads into customers.

Senior Copywriter

Segunda Mano Magazine
Más Vale Saber

Degree in Journalism specialized in Digital Journalism. My mission when creating content is to carry it out strategically so that it adds value to the audience. As a copywriter, I am passionate about analyzing what type of content moves the audience and encourage them to take action.

Graphic Designer

Más Vale Saber
Segunda Mano Magazine

I’m a Graphic Designer who’s passionate about creating attractive and useful visual solutions, always seeking to innovate. My experience as a creative started in advertising agencies and freelance jobs, Currently I specialize in advertising for digital media.


Discover your dream job and take your career to the next level!

We empower people to think big and build profitable businesses.

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Deliver ads to you ideal customers based on needs, behaviors, and interests to improve relevance and results while keeping costs low.

Spend less time calling to follow up and more time jumping on scheduled calls to close more deals. Costs stay the same as lead volume increase to maximize profit.

Rely on experienced web designers to create a beautiful website that keeps visitors engaged and transform traffic into customers.