Make Parents Notice Your School with Retargeting Ads  

I was driving my little niece to school and then she asked me, why aren’t there any green cars?” 

It was a good question. I mean, I couldn’t think of the last time I’d seen one. But since then, I’ve been seeing at least two green cars a day! I understood that when your brain is actively looking out for something, you’re more likely to notice it. And you know what? You should use this same concept to increase enrollments.  


By using retargeting ads. 

It’s a simple form of online ads, targeted to consumers based on their previous actions online.  

How can it help your school? 

Think of parents who visited your admissions section but never enrolled their children. Retargeting allows you to remain on their radar with a friendly invitation to come back and learn more. In other words, you’ll gain three superpowers that only retargeting can provide. 

1. Your School Will Stay Top of Mind  

For example, if a family visits your admissions area, and they don’t fill a form to enroll their children, you still can follow up with them as they browse the Internet, reminding them about your values and educational programs.  

2. Create Engaging and Specific Messaging 

Imagine you’ve accumulated an audience of parents who visited both your website’s admissions section and your athletics content. A banner ad highlighting your new field house or turf field could give you a much greater chance of resonating with those parents than an ad built for a more general audience.  

3. Get a Solid Return on Investment 

If your school is on a budget, retargeting ads are more affordable than traditional Pay Per Click ads (PPC) ads. While the average cost of a PPC ad is $2-$3 per click, the Cost Per Click (CPC) on a retargeting ad, can be as low as $.25-.60!  

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Retargeting ads are so much more profitable than ads to an ice-cold audience. Just like I never noticed green cars at first, an ice-cold audience probably won’t pay much attention to your ads. 

But if somebody goes on your website and consumes a valuable piece of content, that helps them solve a particular problem, guess what? You’ll be able to remind them about your school with retargeting ads. 

Some of the best practices to generate potential parents that will enroll their children are: 

1) Producing content that aims to solve their challenges. 

2) Include a call-to-action and offer valuable content at no cost, in exchange for an email address to entice them onto your list. 

3) Retarget parents who don’t opt-in to your email list via ads.  

4) Retarget parents who don’t buy your product/service via ads. 

5) Profit. 

It’s that easy, only if you’re producing content that your parents care about.  

The best way to know if you’re on the right track with your content is to do in-depth keyword research. Unfortunately, this takes time. And yet the biggest mistake we see people make is thinking “ads are the only way to get traffic,” or on the flip side, “I only want organic traffic.” 

The reality, the most successful school campaigns rely on both… PLUS retargeting. 

Leave us your questions in the comment section, and together, we will explore different ways that retargeting ads can help your school.

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Until next time. 😉 

Sobre Nosotros

MVS Marketing and Consulting Agency helps schools increase student enrollment and recruit staff and teachers. We work with all schools, big and small, and will create a plan that fits your needs and budget.

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