Power Up Your Sales This 2022: Best Tips & Tricks in Digital Marketing

The digital marketing world had to push boundaries in 2020 due to the pandemic. But 2022 is a new era to test what we’ve learned.

Authenticity and creativity play a pivotal part in connecting with people more than ever. So, we wanted to share the best digital marketing tips and tricks to increase productivity, connect with your audience, and get revenue out of it.

TikTok and Instagram Reels

These two social networks are killing it! In September 2021, social video app TikTok reported 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, representing a 45% growth compared to the previously reported figure of 689 million in July 2020. Compared to Instagram, which has 1.41 billion users.
The following summarizes a success story I read in Alex Tooby’s blog.

“Natasha St. Michael specializes in teaching women how to get clear skin through proper diet and self-care. She didn’t know how to use Instagram for her business initially, but after doing a bit of research and planning out the type of content she could publish, she gained 1000+ followers/week. And doubled her website traffic, obtaining 10-30 new email subscribers/day from Instagram!”

Alex Tooby

Then there’s TikTok.

“Carpet Repair Guys, a Bay Area carpet repair business, went from 762,000 followers and 19.6 million likes. But it took some trial-and-error period before reaching this milestone.”

So, the bottom line is, don’t be discouraged if you have never tried this strategy before, be patient and consistent. Focus on your benefits and show how unique your products or services are in a fun way, and try different approaches; you’ll master it soon enough!

Use Email Marketing to Grow Your Contacts Database

Email marketing is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy and of course, an amazing way of building a strong community of consumers. If you want to keep nurturing your leads, promote offers, or share who you’re as a business in a more personal way, you need to try an email marketing strategy.
Email isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Now that most people work from home and connect with others digitally, incorporating an email strategy will do your business well.

Your email strategy can focus on various topics and have different purposes. Here are some examples of how you can structure your email sequence.

1. Audience Nurturing

Provide value and insights about your industry to gain your prospect’s trust. Make sure to let them know that you’re a top mind in the market.

2. Sales and Lead Capture

Emails can take a more aggressive curve; you may structure your message to sell the main benefits of a product or service and incentivize your audience to act. These emails must have a clear message, avoid jargon, and get to the point.

Check 4 Benefits Of Aligning Your Marketing And Sales Teams.

3. Provide News and Updates

Your email marketing strategy may focus on keeping your audience on the latest activities, events, or insights about your company with a weekly newsletter. This tactic will help your brand stay top of mind and develop a personalized experience.

4. Post-Sale Strategy

You’ll be able to delight your customers by asking them for feedback about their experience with your product or services and maybe include additional offers.

The most crucial section of an email is your subject line. This piece of copy must be eye-catching without sounding like the typical clickbait. It must be 100% benefit-driven and either open up their curiosity or make them want to open the email due to the value you’re providing.

Use Responsive Designs on Your Website 

Have you searched through a website on your phone that uses such small fonts you have to zoom in to read? Unfortunately, that site lacks a responsive design.

Responsive websites adjust to any resolution without distortion. It also modifies the dimensions of images, fonts, and other page elements to make it readable, adapting perfectly to mobile screens. The benefits of making your site readable and easy to navigate will improve the user’s experience, which is a must during this time when people search everything through their phones.

Wondering how important it is to have a responsive design? Check Devrix’s thoughts on it.

 Update Your Buyer Persona’s Profile

Understanding your customer’s motivations and pain points through the buyer’s journey is vital to developing a functional high-converting strategy. Once this is settled, you will know what content to create, the best platforms to share it, and how to turn those interactions into leads.

If you already have a buyer persona in place, it is time to sit down with your sales and marketing team to analyze if something has changed. For example, is your customer having new challenges? Have their interests shifted? Are they looking for new solutions? Have they discovered something new about your products or services?

If you make sure to update your buyer persona, you’ll keep creating valuable content that they’ll find engaging.

What other digital marketing tips and tricks are you planning to use this year?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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