What’s a Student Ambassador and Where Do They Fit in Your School? 

Having a student ambassador is a voice that speaks about your school with enthusiasm and shares their experience is a powerful opportunity to increase enrollments. Thanks to social media, there’s a greater chance for you to boost your school message by sharing what’s life on campus.  

Let Your Students Be the Face of Your School 

A student ambassador functions as a spokesperson to share student experiences, communicate its values and show its benefits more humanly. (Primarily through their social media channels.)  

Schools may integrate this strategy by asking a student to become their ambassador.  

It’s more likely that potential students and parents trust your school if they hear another peer talk about their experiences with the community and overall academic achievements.  

Now, student ambassadors can also be on-campus and connect directly with families, show them around, and answer questions. (Which will make your strategy even more powerful!) 

Of course, social media is a robust way for student ambassadors to share your school’s message. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram keep growing due to their quick and short video formats. It allows users to share short notes and regularly reach larger audiences.  

So, mixing an on-campus and off-campus ambassador strategy will boost your chances to increase your enrollments. 

According to a study, 42% of potential students researched the school after talking to an ambassador. And most families preferred to enroll their child after hearing a word-of-mouth recommendation.  

Student ambassador using a tablet

How to set up your student ambassador strategy?  

Many students are looking for an opportunity to be proactive and help them with their academic achievements. Most alumni understand how to use social media and express themselves naturally. You may guide them with the school’s values, mission, and vision, but you should let them tell their thoughts about being part of your school and give them credit for it.     

It’s a win-win!  

Make sure to outline the goals you want to achieve with a student ambassador. 

  • Is it to convince parents to enroll their children?  
  • Get them to know more about teachers and extracurricular activities? 
  • Increase social presence and build a community?  
  • Connect directly with potential students? 

These are some of the critical questions you’ll need to answer to set everybody on the same page.  

Choose the student that will effectively communicate your school values  

It’s crucial that the student represents your school positively and that their personality matches your spirit. For example, this could be a student who’s active on social media, loves to engage in conversations, strives to be an example for their peers, etc.  

Once you’ve selected your ambassador, track their performance and ask for insights.  

Group of students walking towards their school

Make sure to understand the results you’ll gain from this strategy.  

  • Are parents booking more tours? 
  • Are they enrolling their children? 
  • Has your online presence improved? 
  • Are your ambassadors giving valuable feedback that will help the strategy move forward? 

After implementing your strategy, these are just a few key performance indicators or KPIs you could look for.  

Have you ever thought of putting a school ambassador strategy in place? I’d love to know your point of view; please leave a comment and tell me more about your school’s challenges. We’d love to help.  

I’ll write to you soon!  

What’s a Student Ambassador and Where They Fit in Your School? 
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What’s a Student Ambassador and Where They Fit in Your School? 
Learn the multiple benefits of having a student ambassador in your school and how it can boost your enrollment goals.
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