4 Benefits of Aligning your Marketing and Sales Teams

I understand that aligning your sales and marketing teams might feel like an impossible task. But there are too many benefits from finding a middle ground. The idea is to visualize them as two halves of the same team because they represent the backbone of a company. As a result, the marketing team will always have something valuable to learn from the sales team and vice versa.  

Why should marketers care about the sales team? 

By combining efforts and working collaboratively with the sales team, the marketing department will have the opportunity to focus on delivering results. They’ll focus on campaign strategy, compelling copy, visual design, as well as advertising budget and optimization. 

Meanwhile, the sales team will be guiding the client through the plan of action by delivering results, jumping on a meeting, or assessing the need for additional services.   

Why should the sales team care about the marketing team? 

By having an open line of communication with the marketing team, they’ll better understand the client’s goals and challenges. In addition, this person needs to understand the marketing services provided to the client. This way, they’ll be able to suggest additional services, if required. Now, let’s explore four potential benefits of aligning your teams:  

Marketing and sales team working together in an agency

#1. Clear Strategy and Goals for Everyone 

Picture the marketing and sales teams together in the same room. You know that one half is thinking about reaching the right audience, and the other half is on sales. Both mindsets are correct; however, one knows more about the buyer, the other knows more about persuading them. By pinpointing the strategy to everyone, the salespeople will understand the buyer persona profile and use an elevator pitch tailored to the customer’s challenges.  

#2. Increase Productivity and Results 

Having each team put their efforts into different parts of the process will optimize its delivery time. But, of course, the client will always be in the loop with the help of their sales representative. And the marketing team will be creating, delivering, and optimizing campaigns.    

Woman smiling at the camara with the marketing and sales teams behind her.

#3. Increase communication and feedback between teams 

Constant communication and knowledge exchange will avoid antagonisms between groups and promote inclusion and education. In addition, both teams will learn and provide continuous feedback to work towards the same goal.

#4 Your Improve Your Conversion Rates 

Companies that don’t have their sales and marketing teams aligned fail to follow up on opportunities. As a result, around 79% of them fail to generate sales. The immediate consequence of implementing this strategy will maximize the value of each lead. The fact that both departments align means improving the company’s marketing strategies and commercial actions. 

Marketing and Sales teams joining in a high five

In Summary, having your sales and marketing team aligned will be crucial to your company’s revenue growth. At the same time, it will help you internally to develop stronger relationships among the members of your organization. 

Make sure to contact us if we can help you nurture your lead and transform them into potential customers. And let us know in the comments what efforts you have implemented to align your marketing and sales team.  

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