Learn How to Eliminate Employee Turnover and Increase Productivity and Performance by 80%

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Friday, February 19, 1:00 PM [MT]

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Employee turnover, on-boarding and training costs time, money, and productivity. Discover how to retain staff and cut $500 in costs per new hire while increasing productivity.

Are you tired of?

  • Wasting too much time training staff every week?
  • Losing thousands of dollars every time an employee leaves after spending weeks training them?
  • Being unable to grow because there’s no time to be productive?

What You’ll Learn

The 3 M’s to Successfully Train and Retain Staff to Grow and Scale

1. Model

Model a process that replicates consistent results and holds people accountable.

2. Mimic

Identify key employees to mimic and hit key performance indicators.

3. Master and Multiply

Scale by helping people master their tasks to promote and develop leaders who train new hires to fill their role.

Dominate the Competition with Best-in-Class Service Through an Efficient Training Process

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Stop Spending Too Much Time Training Employees Only to Lose Them

Learn to implement an efficient on-boarding and training process that will eliminate employee turnover, to cut over $500 in costs per new hire and increase productivity by 80%.

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