Learn How to Write Engaging Copy That Turns Your Audience into Loyal Customers

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Connect with your audience in the digital world with effective messages, designed to guide them through a buyer’s journey, across different social media platforms.


Más Vale Saber

Segunda Mano Magazine


Más Vale Saber

Segunda Mano Magazine


Gabriela Rodríguez
Marketing Manager
Más Vale Saber

Mass Communications graduate specialized in Digital Marketing. She has spent years working in social media; certain that creating great content is THE KEY to succeed in any marketing campaign.

Aarón Nava
Senior Copywriter
Más Vale Saber

Aaron Nava is a publicist and self-published author with 5 years of experience in marketing. He’s the founder of his personal blog “Write-In”, and has his own YouTube Channel for readers and writers.

José Ricardo Rojas
Senior Copywriter
Más Vale Saber

José Ricardo is a Venezuelan journalist and producer with a background in editorial and broadcasting. He worked for more than 5 years in mass media, before transitioning to marketing.


Belinda Weaver
Copywriter and Copy Coach

As well as writing copy for clients for nigh on 10 years, she has created sell-out copywriting courses that have proven that writing copy is a skill not a talent, which means it can be learned by anyone.


Why are you struggling to write effective copy?

  • You don’t know copywriting best practices?
  • You don’t know how to transform followers into customers?
  • Are you sharing messages that don’t align with your company?
  • You aren’t taking advantage of the benefits of every social media platform?

What You’ll Learn

Discover 3 essential methods to create copy

Define how your brand sounds

Learn how to write copy across platforms for different customer stages

Discover 3 essential methods to create copy


Discover how to build effective copy that is direct, attractive and goal oriented. 

Define how your brand sounds

Find your business voice and personality to successfully communicate messages to your audience. 

Learn how to write copy across platforms for different customer stages

Master the copywriting process across different platforms to guide your customers through the stages of the buyer’s journey.

Writing effective copy can be difficult

Learn how to create compelling messages with experts that have over 10 years of experience.

About Us

Más Vale Saber is a marketing and consulting agency that aims to educate, guide and support people and businesses in marketing, sales and operations to help them achieve their full potential.

Segunda Mano Magazine is our sister company and was founded in 1999 to connects businesses with the latino community in Phoenix, Arizona through print advertising.

Companies We’ve Worked With

Why Our Community Loves Us!

Cristofer Pereyra


Tepeyac Leadership Initiative.

Learn how to create attractive copy

And start connecting with your online audience with a copywriting strategy suited for the digital world. 

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