Learn How to Fill Entry, Mid, and High Level Positions with an Effective Recruiting Process

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Finding the right candidates should be painless. Discover how to attract and find the right employees.


The Kempington Group

Segunda Mano Magazine

Más Vale Saber


Más Vale Saber

The Kempington Group

Segunda Mano Magazine

Are you struggling to find qualified candidates because...

  • You don’t have a hiring team to support you.
  • You don’t know where to promote to find talent.
  • You don’t know how to attract the right candidates. 
  • Too many interviews are no-shows.

What You’ll Learn

1. How to attract the right talent.

2. Where to find the right candidates.

3. How to reduce no-shows and turnover.

1. How to attract the right talent.

Learn best practices for promoting employment opportunities that people will actually want to apply for.

2. Where to find the right candidates.

Discover the best mediums to find the candidates you’re after.

3. How to reduce no-shows and turnover.

Identify key opportunities in your recruitment process by understanding your candidates to boost results.

Finding strong candidates that fit the job description takes time, money and effort.

Our special guest, Monique Porras, CEO & Founder of the Kempington Group, will share how she has helped companies find and hire qualified candidates for mid to high executive positions.

About Us

Más Vale Saber is a marketing and consulting agency that specialized in entry-level recruiting through social media.

Segunda Mano Magazine is our sister company and was founded in 1999 to connects businesses with the latino community in Phoenix, Arizona through print advertising.


Marco Porras
CEO and Founder
Más Vale Saber

Growing a business can feel confusing and frustrating when solutions don't work. With over 10 years of experience, Marco helps businesses maximize their full potential through proven marketing strategies that produce consistent results.

José Ricardo Rojas
Senior Copywriter
Más Vale Saber

José Ricardo is a Venezuelan journalist and producer with a background in editorial and broadcasting. He worked for more than 5 years in mass media, before transitioning to marketing.


Monique Porras
CEO & Founder
The Kempington Group

As Founder of The Kempington Group, a Phoenix-based national recruiting and advisory firm, Monique Porras promotes her business through openness, deep networks and a sense of humor. Originally from the Washington, DC area, Monique has built deep roots in Phoenix. Her enthusiastic nature and fearless mindset helped her create one of the strongest networks in Arizona and rich relationships across the US. As a business owner, Monique holds full responsibility in setting an example for her peers, community and youth alike.

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Stop struggling to fill positions.

Learn how to attract more candidates for entry, mid and high level positions.

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