Supercharge the Growth of Your Business by Getting More Done in Less Time

Mentor Call

Friday, February 26, 1:00 PM [MT]

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Build a high performing team that gets more done by maximizing productivity and communication to meet deadlines and deliver results.

Are you tired of?

  • Spending too much time managing and tracking your team’s progress?
  • Wasting time and losing money on unproductive tasks and meetings?
  • Staying stuck and being unable to grow your business?
  • Struggling to hit deadlines and deliver results?

What You’ll Learn

1. How to measure results

Identify key performance indicators to ensure consistent deliverables.

2. How to track productivity

Tracking productivity is achievable with the right tools. Learn the ones we use to monitor progress without micromanaging.

3. How to build a high performing team

Learn the process we use to manage and hold employees accountable.

Build a Time Efficient Process that Results in a Productive Operation

About Us

Más Vale Saber is a marketing and consulting agency that aims to educate, guide and support people and businesses in marketing, sales and operations to help them achieve their full potential.

Segunda Mano Magazine is our sister company and was founded in 1999 to connects businesses with the latino community in Phoenix, Arizona through print advertising.

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Cristofer Pereyra


Tepeyac Leadership Initiative.

Stop Spending Too Much Time
Managing a Team

And start building a high performing team that is self-sufficient and held accountable.

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