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Too many families in Glendale struggle to get support and resources. The Glendale Strong Family Network helps partnering agencies collaborate and break down barriers so that they can expand their reach and help more families. We welcome you to join our network and experience the power of collaboration.

Strong Families, Safe Kids

Our Mission

We believe that together we can make a bigger impact to eliminate gaps in care. We understand helping families without a cohesive support network can be a daunting task, which is why our partners work together to provide access to nutritious food, mental and physical health care, and other resources for families.

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GSFN is the First Things First Maricopa Region’s Early Childhood Nutrition Team. We help our partners connect families with the food they need to live healthy lives.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Peggy Peixoto, Co-Chair

Program Manager Arizona Department of Health Services

Aimee Sitzler, Co-Chair

CEO Community Alliance Consulting

Nora Lozano, Board Member

Community Health Worker Manager Equality Health

Leslee Miele, Board Member

Director of Effective Schools Glendale Elementary School District

Elvia Zaragoza, Board Member

Associate Director Healthy Families

Chuck Fitzgerald, Emeritus

Sergeant at Arms Arizona House of Representatives

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