Reach Every Family Effortlessly and Affordably

Did you know that EDDM is more effective than email, paid search, and social media combined? Reach every family in your community with Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) and ensure your message lands directly in the hands of potential students and their families.

Why Choose EDDM?

Superior Effectiveness

EDDM outperforms digital marketing channels by capturing attention in a way that emails, paid searches, and social media can't. A physical postcard stands out, ensuring your school’s message is noticed and remembered.

Cost-Effective Solution

Forget about expensive mailing lists. With EDDM, you only pay for printing and postage, making it a budget-friendly option that offers extensive reach without breaking the bank.

Targeted Reach

Select specific postal routes that align with your school’s geographic focus. EDDM helps you target areas with high potential for student enrollment, ensuring your message reaches the right audience.

Our Simple 3-Step Process

Step 1: Tell Us About Your School

Complete our brief form to share your school's unique story and programs.

Step 2: We Handle the Rest

Our team of experts takes care of everything – from professional graphic design and copywriting to all the logistics.

Step 3: Delivery to Every Door

We ensure your product reaches every door in your chosen postal routes.

Reach Every Family Effortlessly and Affordably

Harness the power of EDDM to elevate your school’s presence in the community. Experience a seamless, impactful marketing strategy that drives results and boosts enrollment.